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Saturelle timepiece by the independent watchmaker Andreas Strehler displays an original solution to the problem of providing the balance with the constant energy, regardless of the amount of energy stored in the mainspring. The ingenious and technically extremely stable solution involves a satellite gear attached to the seconds wheel. This star-shaped satellite gear visible through a skeletonized section of the silver guilloche dial includes a spring which reloads once every second and then transfers the energy to the balance. Not only that it provides a constant amount of energy which, naturally, significantly improves the accuracy, but it also enables the display of dead-beat seconds and thus provides the timepiece with an additional interesting complication. The latest watch launched by the Strehler's own brand is fitted into an oval-shaped case made from red gold or platinum and, as it is usual for the brand's models, comes in an extremely restricted issue, since the Swiss watchmaker tends to create between three and ten watches per year which end up on the wrists of the fortunate selected clients.

Prolific, Innovative & IndependentAndreas Strehler is a very respectable Swiss watchmaker who studied the trade in Frauenfeld and Solothurn watchmaking schools. At the start of his career,Panerai Replica Watches Strehler was employed in Renaud et Papi where he worked on the development of prototypes and complex mechanisms and where he quickly established himself as a renowned and prolific innovator. Eighteen years ago, however, Strehler decided to go independent. With the help of his father who is actually the man that inspired him to become a watchmaker, Andreas Strehler opened up a workshop in the family garage. The decision to go solo was pretty expected, since Strehler used to and still says that he prefers to work alone because he considers it to be the most efficient and fastest way of making watches.

The first major success that Strehler achieved by working independently came in 1998 when he presented a magnificent timekeeper which was sort of a blend between a table calendar and a pocket watch. While the table clock portion of this timepiece is reserved for the calendar indications, the time is indicated on the detachable pocket watch. When the pocket watch is removed from its basis, the calendar does not change its indication. However, once it is put back, the calendar immediately catches up and moves its displays to the current date (providing that this interval is not longer than three weeks).roger dubuis replica This remarkable timekeeper grabbed the attention at the Baselworld fair where it saw the light of day. It featured the complication that was similar to Abraham-Louis Breguet's Sympatique piece, but it was execute in the entirely different fashion.

Another intriguing piece came the following year when Strehler completed his Zwei watch which is a great example of his ingenious and minimalistic approach to design. This timekeeper included only two central hands which were used for hours and minutes, but also for month and date indications which are shown after the wearer presses the pushers to activate a special mechanism.